Round belts around the world

Bienefeld supplies SIEGLING round belts around the world. In addition to the polyurethane and polyester quantities, Bienefeld also produces round belts, the jacket of which is of a different material to that of the core. With these co-extruded round belts, requirements which would otherwise conflict can be realized in one product.

Thanks to their cross-section, high flexibility and high elasticity, Transilon round belts permit small diameters and any necessary turning directions.

For transport purposes they are used in the textile, wood, ceramic, packaging and chemical industries.

They serve as efficient transmission elements in precision, mechanical and apparatus engineering as well as also as roller track drives.

Round belts have been developed for the transporting of non-packaged foods which satisfy the American FDA regulations and the European directives.

Flexural fatigue test
Flexural fatigue test